Long Arm Quilting Services

Not all quilters were meant to wrestle large quilts through a domestic sewing machine. If that describes you, professional long arm services are the answer.  To learn how to prepare your quilt for the long arm, click here


Digital Edge to Edge Designs

Choose from hundreds of existing digital designs to complement your quilt top from the extensive library of files.  Edge to edge (e2e) quilting provides a consistent and uniform look to your quilt. Digital designs allow for precise lines and curves that give a luxurious texture to your quilt. Or, if you have a specific digital design in mind that is available in .hqf compatible with the HandiQuilter ProStitcher format, it can usually be accomplished for a small charge. 

Free Motion Quilting

Free-motion quilting is created by hand guiding the long arm in one of a kind, improvisational patterns.   Each quilter's free-motion work is unique. For quilters who want their projects completed in a wholly original, organic design, this is the type of quilting you'll want.  



Memory Quilts

Garments hold a special place in our memories.  Whether honoring the milestones in life, or honoring the memory of those we've lost, memory quilts are a powerful and precious keepsake.   Each project is custom designed and fabricated to create a one-of-a-kind quilt that will be treasured for years to come.  Contact me to discuss yours!