How to Prepare your quilt top for the long arm

The ingredients of a great quilt start with preparation.   You've spent hours sewing your quilt together.  Spend just a little more time getting it in the best possible condition before it's quilted, it's secret to beautiful quilts.


Batting and Backing

Loading your quilt on to the long arm requires some extra fabric.   If sending your own backing and or batting, please be sure to allow for 4-6" of extra material on all 4 sides.    When piecing a backing, be sure to use a 5/8" seam, preferably horizontally.  For the softest result, cut off any selvage before piecing your back.    If you would prefer to purchase batting or backing, click the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.56.01 PM.png

Seams and threads

When piecing your quilt top, be sure to press seams consistently. Whether you decide to press to one side, or press the seams apart, use the same technique throughout the quilt to ensure the best possible finished product. Lumpy seams turn into lump quilts. Quilt top received with bulky seams or excessive thread may require additional prep, and an prep fee.


Make sure your top is square

How your quilt is loaded onto the long arm determines just the finished product looks and lays.  Ensuring the top is square  will give the most attractive, and flat, result.   Small discrepancies and puckers can be accommodated.  For quilts that have very wavy borders,  and need additional prep, a labor charge may be added.